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hofbrauhaus freising

bottom fermented

Gravity 12,5 %
5,6 % alc. Vol.
Colour: 8 EBC / golden yellow
Bitter units: 20 EBC


For special moments. Intense spicy aroma and
solid malty note, nicely rounded with hops.
A powerful, fresh Export beer made with the
Qq experience of 850 years brewing the best beers.



hofbrauhaus freising

bottom fermented
Gravity 12,5 %
5,2 % alc. Vol.
Colour: 60 EBC / dark
Bitter units: 20 EBC


Typical Bavarian. A dark beer with a distinctive malty aroma. Brewed according to an old formula.



hofbrauhaus freising


The maroon color combines with a great depth of aroma and fine top-fermenting yeast to a typical Bavarian specialty. The fine malt aroma gives the Huber White Dark its unmistakable character.



hofbrauhaus freising


bottom fermented
Gravity: 12,5 %
5,4 % alc. Vol.
Colour: 13 EBC / strong, consistent haze, yellow-golden
Bitter units: 12 EBC


Subtle effervescene, fresh and mild, nicely integrated carbonation,
pleasant after-taste. A „reference“ Weissbier like it should be!


hofbrauhaus Freising


bottom fermented
Gravity: 13,5 %
6,1 % alc. Vol.
Colour: 12 EBC / golden
Bitter units: 21 EBC


Aromatic malty, powerful with nicely integrated bitterness. Full-bodied and gently hopped. Gives you a thrill of anticipation. For the next sip of this specially brewed Festbier!



Hofbrauhaus Foundation

Bishop Albert I of Harthausen brewed beer for the first time on the cathedral hill to Freising in 1160.

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