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(kloster) andechs


Luminous gold in color; malty nuances & flora hop character are imbued with accents of light fruitiness in the strong brew. Available in Draft Only

ABV: 6.9%   |  STYLE: Golden Bockbier (Seasonal)


(kloster) andechs


Soft, toasty and a touch of dried fruit accompany a pronounced caramel flavor in Doppelbock Dunkel. Full bodied and velvety, rich with a malty aroma, this beer enjoys a recognizable sweetness, garnished by roasted cocoa notes and a slight hop bitterness.    

ABV: 6.8%   |  STYLE: Dark Double Bock



(kloster) andechs


Strong, golden Festbier. Full-bodied & balanced between sweet malt & bitter hops. Available in Draft Only

ABV: 5.9%   |  STYLE: Strong Golden Lager (Seasonal)

(kloster) andechs


This beer boasts a chestnut color, served with a creamy, fine-poured foam crown. Weissbier Dunkel has a harmonious interplay of fruit flavors including banana & pineapple, followed by subtle caramel & chocolate tones. Light caramel sweetness combines perfectly with a fine hop bitterness.

ABV: 5.1%   |  STYLE: Dark Wheat Ale

(kloster) andechs


With its light honey color, Weissbier Hell boasts distinctive fruit flavors such as banana and honeydew melon followed by cloves. Tangy and refreshing, with soft body. The balance of slight honey sweetness, elegant acidity and a subtle hop bitterness quickly form a harmonious after-taste.

ABV: 5.1%   |  STYLE: Wheat Ale

(kloster) andechs


Pleasantly tangy, this beer has a light and soft body. The mild sweetness blends well with a velvety-soft hop bitterness. In the finish, it is smooth and harmonious. Vollbier Hell is brewed with 100% barley.

ABV: 4.8%   |  STYLE: Golden Lager

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The Andechs way of brewing

Monastic quality – born of centuries old experience

The monastery beers brewed in Andechs are the culmination of centuries old Benedictine brewing tradition and ultra modern brewing technology. They are the ambassadors of traditional Benedictine hospitality, still practised today, and the monastery’s long history as a place of pilgrimage, without which the brewery would never have come about. Learn more about the Andechs beer specialities, providing a “taste” of the successful meld of Benedictine hospitality, Baroque culture, and the Bavarian lifestyle.

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